Adolescent Family Therapy and Mediation Service

What is Adolescent Family Therapy and Mediation?

RAPS and Touchstone are the two services run by Relationships Australia NSW.  Adolescent Family Therapy and Mediation helps parents and adolescents resolve difficulties and improve family relationships.  

Our family therapists help families with the following difficulties:

  • Disagreements about family rules and expectations
  • Escalating conflict
  • Arguments that are becoming physical or threatening
  • Family upheaval due to separation, divorce,  loss or other trauma.

We can also provide support in addressing other adolescent difficulties including:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Running away from home
  • Suicide attempts
  • Self harm
  • Depression
  • Truancy and school difficulties
  • Illegal activities, such as stealing, damage to property, assault. 

Who will I see? 

Our staff are qualified professional psychologists or social workers with post graduate training in family therapy.  All of our therapists meet the approval requirements of the Attorney General’s Department.  All staff receive ongoing professional supervision and training. 

What will it cost? 

At RAPS, a  fee is paid at the end of each session based on a sliding scale, according to household income.  People receiving their income solely from Centrelink pay a small fee.  At Touchstone, counselling fees are dependent on family income.  Counselling is free for families with a limited income.

Are there other related services? 

After families have seen a Family Therapist, they may be invited to attend a special group program.  Group programs are developed each term or as needs arise.    

How do I make contact? 


RAPS is located in Parramatta and accepts families across the Sydney area.  No referral is required.  Contact us during office hours. Open Monday to Friday.  

You can see a RAPS counsellor at the Sydney City (Castlereagh Street) Office on Tuesdays. Bookings need to be made through Parramatta Office.

RAPS does not provide telephone counselling nor is it a crisis service. 

Touchstone is located in Wollongong and accepts families across the Illawarra area.  Contact us to find out more, or to book an appointment. 

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