Employee Assistance Programs

What are Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)?

Employee Assistance Programs offer professional services to organisations wishing to enhance and support their most important asset…their people!  Programs are tailored to meet the organisations' needs and help achieve business goals.

EAP Counselling/Coaching/Support

EAP counselling for staff (and their families if required) is available for individuals, couples or groups. Counselling sessions can be provided face-to-face at Relationships Australia premises in over 21 locations in NSW or by telephone or online.  Issues which can be addressed include anxiety/stress related to work or personal life, interpersonal conflict, adjustment to change, substance abuse, relationship and family issues, depression, health or injury related problems, critical incident debriefing and grief and loss.

Professional coaching for supervisors, managers and senior executives is also available to enable them to effectively relate to and manage staff, deal with workplace issues and support the organisation to achieve its goals. We can facilitate the discussion of sensitive issues, improve workplace dynamics and team functioning.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation offers a neutral third-party to facilitate problem solving around relationship or workplace issues. Mediation can be with two individuals or with a group. As part of the process each person will present their view of the issue, and the mediator will work with them to find an appropriate resolution.

Workplace Seminars

We are able to provide seminars and training programs around a range of issues including:-

  • Balancing work and home life
  • Managing stress
  • Building better relationships in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Managing difficult customers
  • Workplace communication. 

Our staff

Our EAP counsellors, mediators and educators are all experienced and professionally trained at post-graduate level. They are highly experienced at dealing with conflict and facilitating change.

Professional supervision and on-going training are provided to all staff involved with EAP services. Our services offer privacy and confidentiality and a variety of approaches tailor made to suit your individual organisational needs.

What will it cost?

Contract fee packages for EAP services can be negotiated with your organisation.

Are there related services?

As well as face-to-face, EAP services are available by telephone and online through our online counselling website. Counsellors and mediators can travel to your premises if required.

How do I make contact?

To contact the EAP Manager, call us on 02 8874 8800 or Email us.

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